Lincoln Elementary Lion Head

Our Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a multi-tier approach to early identification and support to students with learning and behavior needs. All students are provided with high-quality classroom instruction and universal screening. Various levels of interventions are provided to students based on their individual needs. At Lincoln, we believe that every student can learn and we are looking for students to show growth and progress. Our K-5th grade students participate in a Walk to Reading intervention that focuses on their individualized need. These groups are kept flexible and students are continually progress monitored to ensure that the level of instruction is accelerating student learning. Our 4th-5th grade students participate in a math intervention that is an extension of their grade level instruction with support at the needed level of intensity.
To efficiently differentiate intervention, a wide array of standards and research-based strategies and programs are used to provide instruction. These include: 95% Group, Read Naturally Live, Reading Mastery, Benchmark, IO Assessment, and standards instruction.